Css tips isn't always that tricky, however, there's a lot of information out there that can be found!
Hopefully, alot of tips and tricks will surface here .

Only for Internet Explorer

This trick is actually quite easy - lets say that a absolute positioned div sits 10 pixels too far to the left in IE and the site was design for Firefox, where it sits fine. Here's the code without the IE fix.
Sql insert into, update and delete - and how they work?
An ajax script that inserts a page into a div, or other element that supports the innerHTML attribute.
Very useful script! Just make sure to note that this uses GET and not POST so it's not the best option for submitting forms, however, it works amazingly well for updating information. For example if you have a list of products you need to sort by date, name, id or price - then you simple use this script to access a file that does the sorting for you.

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