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Motorshow 04-257
Motorshow 04-257
A car show in Copenhagen in 2004.


20 Icon Welcome to Slackermikey.dk! My personal playground. Here you will find alot of information about me, various web designs i've created through the years, poems, pictures of just about anything and offcourse the main course of every webpage, a ton of ridiculous links. :P

Be Advised:
The new design is still a beta version. If you should find any bugs on the website, please alert me of the problem by contacting me.

Have a blast! Over n out, Mike :)

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Finished with Facebook content 07-19-2010

11 Icon Just a quick message here :), to say I got my Facebook content to work. You can now 'like' my designs, web blog entries and this frontpage as well as comment on them all :D

Feel free to try it out and let me know if you find any bugs. :P

Facebook content 07-15-2010

5 Icon I am in the process of making all comments work from facebook, instead of everyone having to register and what not. So if you see some bugs the next few weeks, that's normal :p.

New Server 07-12-2010

14 Icon The site has been moved to a new server. My employer is getting new server setups for all servers, so the site has now been moved. Great improvements in loading times. If there are any bugs, please let me know asap :).

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