About Me

25 Icon I am a Danish man, whom has lived in Singapore for 2 years and in the USA for 9. My past is important to know who I really am. I am better at English then I am Danish, and I was born in Denmark and live there now.

Today I am highschool educated in the USA and further educated as Web-integrator in Denmark. I work for a company called Webex, where I work fulltime and do all sorts of web related work, as well as customer support and taking phone calls (goes without saying, alot more!).

Other then that, I spend most of my time with my friends. Do whatever we can do and hang out. Without my friends, I'd be nothing.

I used to play alot of games - especially World of Warcraft - but i don't really play all that much anymore. (I do not play Wow now, if that's what some of you were thinking of asking :)). Mostly because of the time it took up - i just don't have that kind of time for a game anymore.

I am currently 26 years old and living in Roskilde Denmark. In my own apartment - no pets allowed, shitty rule if you ask me :p. I love to party, mix it up and meet new people.

If you want to know more - check my Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin pages below. :)